Spyware Removal Software

Today, you can’t do without spyware removal software. Let’s be real honest about the current situation. The unknown is what got you and your computer into this mess of unexpected shut-downs and freeze-ups with a constant barrage of pop-ups.

It wasn’t a situation where you knew what you were doing and did it anyway in a fit of “the devil cares” type moment in your head. You have spyware on your computer because you didn’t know what you were doing and you will have spyware on your computer until you buy something that does know what it is doing.

However, if you don’t know what it is that you are buying to get through this time of not knowing what you are doing then you will be even worse off!

Protecting yourself online is important. The fact that there are online PR firms exist to defend against online problems is evidence of this. When browsing online there’s a few precautions you can take below are list of some of the software you can use to keep your browsing safe.


AdAware is one of the few spyware removal software that will do an extensive, deep scan of your RAM, Registry, hard drive, and external drives in a normal scan. Instead of just scanning here and there, this program scans everything to make sure that you are as protected as you can be on what is coming in and going out from your computer.

AdAware uses a Code Sequence Identification (CSI) number to analyze the programs that have been installed on your computer. By using this code the program is able to more successfully and efficiently protect your computer from every harmful spyware program that is on the internet.

AdAware is made by LavaSoft and is higher priced than a lot of other spyware removal software on the internet coming in at around $42 for the purchase. This isn’t terrible as the program is remarkably easy to use and very effective.

Tne great attribute of AdAware is that their previous software for spyware removal wasn’t very effective and they have come back with a program that is recognized as one of the better programs. By getting faster and more in-depth this program and its company have proven that they take protecting your computer seriously!

AntiSpy by OmniQuad

This spyware removal software will remove your spyware in real time regardless of what you are doing whether you are online or not. Stopping the spyware programs in real time means that you are getting updated to the threats and stopping the problems before they ever start.

AntiSpy will give you a brief description of the threat that you have contracted to let you know what it is that you are up against and possibly how you contracted it. Instead of you just getting to remove the program that is already on your computer without warning or education, you can learn how to avoid problems in the future.

For the relatively low price of $29.99 you can get started on overcoming the difficulties related with spyware with the help of a professional program in the business.

AntiSpy does have a few faults in that it doesn’t have a setup protection against some spyware because it isn’t set up to protect against it. On the other hand, this program is remarkably easy to use, which is worth the price of purchase on its own.

Another fault of AntiSpy is that it has no rollback feature to allow you to reinstall something that you didn’t want to get rid of and only did so by accident.


This spyware removal software is as competitively priced as any spyware removal software at $19.95, meaning you get as much bang for your buck as you could find.

CounterSpy is a spyware removal software with a color-coded threat system to help you understand just how serious the situation is every time a threat is found. Along with this color-coded system is a brief description to help you understand what it is that was downloaded so you can try to avoid it in the future.

With CounterSpy you get a spyware removal software that will automatically update without any help from you as long as you are connected to the internet. In addition, a scan scheduler will allow you to repeatedly set up a scan at a specific time that you think would be beneficial to you and your computer.

CounterSpy is ranked among the best spyware removal software because of its effectiveness in spotting and removing all of the spyware on your computer. Some programs aren’t as detailed and extensive as others; CounterSpy can overtake any spyware that could be on your PC.

The active protection on your CounterSpy spyware removal software will allow you to stop threats as soon as they happen. Lucky for you, it doesn’t matter what your level of computer knowledge is this program will be easy to learn and even easier to use!

McAfee AntiSpyware

The first thing you should notice about McAfee Anti-Spyware is exactly that, its name in the industry. McAfee takes a backseat to nobody in the world of safety and security on the internet, so buying this program should give you a decent degree of comfort.

With the brand name and respectability factor you get the comfort of knowing that a line of people are waiting to help you with any problems you may have. With technical support available via the telephone, email, and live chat you are constantly able to connect with someone who has the title of “expert”.

McAfee Anti-Spyware comes into the arena with a very reasonable price tag of $29.99, meaning that you can get brand name protection and support for the same price tag as any other program.

McAfee is able to market itself to a beginner unlike any other so if you know nothing about your computer except that it has a problem, this is the program for you to get if you have a problem!

This spyware removal software will allow you to schedule your scan, get constant auto-updates to protect you against the newest threats, and real time tracking to show you what you are up against.


In comparison to other spyware removal software the PestPatrol spyware removal software goes right about average in terms of price for the product at $29.95.

One major problem with PestPatrol in relation to it being used by those who aren’t computer geniuses, which don’t need the help of a spyware removal software, is it doesn’t have anything to indicate the seriousness of a threat. So in essence, you don’t know just how bad the spyware on your computer is so you don’t know whether removing it is a good or bad idea regardless.

PestPatrol does not have any threat seriousness system but it will give a brief description of every spyware program that is on your computer. By understanding what it is that is on your computer you may be able to determine where it came from and what to avoid in the future.

Another issue with PestPatrol is its near unreliability at times with stopping threats that may be new or at least, newer to the internet at large. What is the point in paying for a program with this problem? If you know what to do it won’t matter either way!

You must be connected to the internet to get a description of the threat which can be a problem at times, however, the ease with which you can use the program more than makes up for this.


SpyHunter comes in right about the average of other spyware removal programs in terms of price at the very affordable $29.99. This price is negotiable, even though the system comes with very few bells and whistles because it is pretty efficient and effective overall.

One drawback of SpyHunter is that it offers no real time protection or rollback feature which means that you aren’t protected at all times or protected from yourself from accidentally deleting something.

One good thing about SpyHunter for those that don’t know and don’t want to know how the system works is that it doesn’t bother you with descriptions. Instead, every time spyware is found it detects and deletes the program automatically.

In addition to having no descriptions, the SpyHunter doesn’t auto update or scan removable media, meaning that you aren’t protected against anything that may come into contact with your computer.

A strange feature of SpyHunter is that it does come with a rollback feature that allows you to re-add a program that you removed by mistake. This seems strange because the program lacks so many other features, but this is nice to have nonetheless, it can really help you out of an unforeseen bind.


SpySweeper is generally considered the most effective and efficient spyware removal software on the market and for the price of $24.95 this is a remarkable bargain.

This program is remarkably efficient at home but the manufacturer also makes a special offer to small businesses to help protect the business from any major threats.

Smart Shield is a program that SpySweeper runs on real time to keep your computer updated and fighting at all times. Instead of just running an update every now and then or running on a schedule this program will run while you do to keep up-to-date at all times.

The Root Kit removal program within the SpySweeper spyware removal program will help you overcome a problem at the “root” and take out everything that is related to it. Instead of just removing a few of the files that are making your computer slow or ineffective, this program will remove everything from your computer.

SpySweeper is a spyware removal software that is ranked #1 by PC World as its “Best Buy” in spyware removal software. This isn’t something you should take lightly, an award from techsters isn’t easy to get, and if they are giving it to you they mean it. That in and of itself is worth half of the program

SpyWare BeGone by Micro Smarts

Real Time tracking is a very important and effective feature of SpyWare BeGone that allows you to be prepared and delete any program that comes onto your computer immediately.

No Spyware severity codes, descriptions, or scan scheduling is available through SpyWare BeGone which means that you don’t get every function of spyware removal software that are on the market. This will make learning the process and how to avoid this pickle again a difficult proposition, so know that you won’t get these features before purchasing.

The program is easy to use and is actually quite effective, but may be a tad bit overpriced at $39.95. Most spyware removal software will come in at around $20 to $30 and have many more features than SpyWare BeGone does. This doesn’t mean that you avoid purchasing this product, but it does mean that you should be aware.

Basically, SpyWare BeGone boils down to a program that will search your computer, detect and delete every program that it knows as spyware to protect your computer. If this is all you are looking for then you have struck gold and need to look no further for the right spyware removal program.

SpyWare Doctor by PC Tools

Realtime blocking and tracking is something that you should look for right away from your spyware removal tool and the Spyware Doctor just happens to have this area covered. This will allow you to be protected at all times against all threats regardless of if you are at home or not!

Color-Coded severity protection will make it simple for you to understand just how bad the program is that is on your computer. Think of it as a homeland security system built just for your computer … if its there it has a color!

Descriptions of the problem are given with all removals of spyware by the Spyware Doctor, meaning that regardless of where or how you downloaded the product you will know what it is.

The Spyware Doctor is very easy to navigate, which is good news to those who contracted spyware because of a lack of PC knowledge to begin with. Couple this with the fact that it is very affordable at $29.95 and you have a product that can really help you out of a very bad jam! Don’t purchase something that is over this price if you have heard anything even remotely troublesome about its use or effectiveness!

Trend Micro AntiSpyware

The #1 most important and exciting thing for you to know about Trend Micro Anti-Spyware is that it takes a backseat to nobody when fighting Gator. Gator is the most intrusive and annoying spyware on the market and you get the “Gator Slayer” program along with your purchase of Trend Micro Anti-Spyware. This program will take out every remnant of Gator on your computer to give you back the computer you fell in love with.

In addition to “Gator Slayer” you will get the awesome Spy Sleuth program that finds out when and where spyware was contracted and how to get rid of it. This will help you avoid this situation in the future to keep you from having to purchase any additional spyware removal programs.

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware will clean out the registry on your internet to eliminate the possibility that somebody is tracking your movements online.

This program will save you a dollar or two as well as being as user friendly as possible for the low price of $29.95. That price is extremely competitive in the world of spyware removal software, regardless of how special or important others make themselves out to be, this is a great price!

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